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Welcome to Medina!  Get More Information About What The Different Districts of Downtown Medina Have to Offer You During Your Stay.

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Medina Districts and Local FAQs: List


Find out more information about Medina's Uptown Park and the rich history of Medina Square.  Many different efforts have been made to restore the Public Square Uptown Park and maintain the Victorian-esque style of the surrounding shops and buildings. Here you can see some of the landmarks including the beautiful gazebo, the historic WWII cannon, and countless memorial benches, not to mention the aesthetic appeal exemplifying the true Historic nature of this town square and the wonderful city of Medina.


Welcome to South Town!

The South Town District of Medina has been designated to extend the Main Street Medina community development footprint to include Smith Road south to Lafayette Road, and east to west from South Broadway Street to South Huntington Street. The vision proposed for South Town is to enhance the shopper and visitor experience by making South Town more "walkable" and by attracting arts-and-entertainment venues beyond what Public Square and the current Historic District offers.


Come and spend the day or evening with us to shop, dine, and experience the historic charm of Medina's Public Square and Gazebo. Looking for something outdoors to do with family and friends? We have it! Check out our special events, unique shops, variety of restaurants and pubs, and attractions for all ages!

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