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This PAIR of Meridian Stones is only a few feet away from Broadway House. 

The PAIR of Stone Obelisks located in downtown Medina are known as "Meridian Stones".  They are probably the most enigmatic historical monument in Medina.  Sought by Historical Wayfinders, this pair of Obelisks are One of only a few PAIRS still standing in their original form in the United States.  Watch the YouTube video in the link below to learn more about these

historical wonders.

The First of the Stones is Located Just a Few Feet Away From Broadway House, on the Corner of North Broadway Street and East Friendship Street.  The Second is a Few More Feet Down North Broadway, Towards the Square on the Corner of North Broadway Street and East Liberty Street.

Watch this YouTube Video to discover more about the Medina Meridian Stones.  
(Video credit to Glenn "oldmanwithacam")

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Medina Meridian Stone History!

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Historic Meridian Stones: Rooms & Suites
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